Level Clustering/Final Character Set

When discussing the levels and activities in class, we came up with the idea of clustering. Basically this involved grouping tasks that involved similar movements together.

From this we formed the idea of having 4 separate locations (3 activities at each). The idea of this was the beach, jungle, farm and space. We integrated this with the character onesies as a reward system – so to explain this, as the child progresses through the activities the unlock an animal onesie to match the location they’re playing at, and when they progress through space they unlock medals that attach to the astronaut costume.

From this I developed a few more characters to suit the needs of each location, and a few from the original set were removed from the final application.

For the jungle we have: a tiger, lion and bear costume.
For the beach we developed: a turtle, a penguin and a seal
For the farm we developed: a sheep, cow and chicken
For space we developed an astronaut with: a bronze medal, a silver medal and a gold medal.




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