Week 9 – Ideate

My feedback with Angelina this week suggested I should work on developing the project with an Australian voice, and have it contain “gmo”. She suggested looking into brand such as Nudie to develop a sense of style. For example, I could develop the character of Frank to tell a story for the voice of gmo to create an authentic style, applicable to packaging and campaigning. It was also suggested that I could still incorporate the ‘Frank’ idea if I wanted to by using it as a tag line or campaign copy.

However, after this discussion I was inspired to take a completely different path which surfaced after a conversation involving puns with a friend.

As Ambrose & Harris (2010, p.114) state

“a pun is a joke that exploits the different possible meanings of a word or image or the face that a word or image has different possible meanings”

This was the perfect fit for the client of Australian Farmers and the call to action of consumers. The word ‘hey’ which is used to attract attention, express surprise, or interest, and ‘hay’ commonly found on farms as grass that has been cut and dried to be used as food for animals. Therefore, I decided to stick with ‘hay you’, with the tag line to be implemented with ideas such as “can help”, “we’re gmo free” & “shop gmo free”.

I began experimenting with typography and ways to form the brand. This encourage the shape and direction of my project as being focus around the livelihoods and agricultural of Australian Farmers, targeted at Australian shoppers who have the ability to promote change as they shop products that are 100% Australian and 100% gmo free.

Below is the beginning of the ideate phase for this concept.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 11.22.36 pm.png


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