“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

The above quote connects aspects of our lives with the journey we’re undertaking. By using the concept of wandering as a metaphor for seeking paths, ideas and lifestyles, and represents the way an individual may not have a distinct direction or goal which doesn’t mean their lost. We are therefore able value the journey we take more then the destination we reach.

My name is Kate. I’m a student at Wollongong University studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media and Bachelor of Creative Arts. I’m a pug obsessed, ice-tea enthusiast and social media addict who enjoys food, music and tennis hoping to travel the world.

I am interested in current trends present within society and the impact and influence that these create upon the lifestyle of individuals and consumer behaviour. I believe advertising and design are very powerful and influential and would love to be associated with elements of these in the near future.

This blog has been created not only for my university degree but to express my thoughts, opinions and issues I encounter or which are of specific interest to me. It allows me to connect with the world around me, in which you are invited to join by following.

You’re welcome to leave comments here or get in touch: @katee_scott


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