Is Broken Beautiful?


Is a glitch just a headache or rather an aggravating moment, or is it technology coming apart at the seams to form modern art?

Glitch art occurs as the result of turning computer errors into something that is visually satisfying, and generally relies on a technique known as data bending. It aims to ‘subvert your expectations’ and create a nostalgic feeling to represent the times of the VCR and early computer and gaming malfunctions.

Briz states

“The process is more important than the result.”

Therefore to explore the concept of glitch art I decided to use the app ‘GlitchVideo‘ to alter the nature of digital technology as a semiotic system to produce a video for engagement with an audience. By creating a YouTube clip of my dog that ultimately looks like a mistake that is broken and fragmented, and in its own way becomes unpredictable, it becomes a visually arresting piece that begins to question the forms and traditions of art by using digital techniques.

Do you believe the creation of glitch art will pass its peak of popularity and success due to the captivated tech-savvy generation of artists?




  1. This explanation was really thought out and helped me further understand what the meanings behind glitch art is, more then the brief touch of it in the lecture did. I really enjoyed your video and your explanation of how it was created. Maybe next time you could give more examples of other glitch art?


  2. Hey Kate,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post this week. To start of the title was really catchy and I think really captured what we are trying to discuss in BCM122 in regards to glitch art. Your explanations were great and helped me to really understand the topic at hand. You also made it really engaging through questioning to get the audience to really think, and your in text referencing is spot on. Further readings wouldn’t be a bad option to encorperate at the end
    Keep up the great work!


  3. Hey Kate!
    I seriously loved your post on digital craft! I myself created some glitch art but (even after doing research on glitch art) I had no idea that you could create a glitch video! I love the concept of this kind of art, but not going to lie, the video kind of creeped me out haha!
    Your explanation of glitch art is informative and really easy to understand. Also, the way you have questioned your audience within your post make it really engaging. Your use of hyperlinks is great. The only thing I could suggest would be to have gone into a little bit more detail about what a glitch technically is?
    Without being snobby, here is a link to my blog post about glitch art, which you might find interesting 🙂

    Finally, cute dog!


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